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Lobby & Reception Spaces

First impressions really count, so many businesses and institutions make a special effort to have a welcoming, and often impressive, reception area. Nowadays most businesses have a digital lobby which includes at least one large flat panel and a digital signage player to welcome guests and share company promotional information or a video wall display.

And just like you don’t leave the front door to your home open or unlocked, it’s also important to verify, control, and manage access to your facility to keep it secure and your people safe.

Typical Solution Elements for Corporate, School, or Medical Lobbies/Reception Spaces

  • Visitor Management Solutions
  • LG, NEC & Planar Video walls – wowing visitors to your location
  • Digital signage – welcoming visitors by name and sharing curated content on an impressive large-screen display
  • Custom background audio solutions / sound systems – literally setting the tone for your work-space.

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