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Leveraging LED to enhance information communication

On the internal business side, banks and financial institutions are increasingly installing large LED displays and video walls in conference rooms and public spaces that leverage the technology’s enhanced resolution, brightness, contrast, and off-angle viewing characteristics to present financial data, stock tickers, meeting information, images and video as clearly as possible. The high visibility and attention-grabbing size of the LED wall helps position the company as forward-thinking and technologically adept, while connecting directly with the local customer base.

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Complete control with AV automation

Looking beyond customer- and employee-facing technologies, banks are also using the latest AV control systems, which are operated through simple mobile apps, to manage interior and exterior lighting, sound reinforcement, motorised window shades and HVAC systems. Special VIP meeting rooms feature an outside reservation panel that glows green if a room is free or red if it is occupied and houses a touchscreen to manage room use.

Displaying content to showcase the community

While videoconferencing lets banks provide enhanced personalised services, digital signage and large format LED display technology helps branches connect with their customers’ community and culture to foster deeper, more loyal relationships.

Inspiring personal connections

Video calls have quickly become a favored mode of communication, and Bank of America’s Advanced Center branch concept capitalises on this trend with its digital concierge and private rooms equipped with always-on videoconferencing systems. When a customer enters the branch, the digital concierge automatically detects that arrival and offers to connect the customer via video with a call center bank employee who can address their basic banking needs.

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